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Lilypie - Fourth Birthday

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

last day of preschool

Last spring, Doug was on a kick of taking Corbin fishing almost every Sunday afternoon while Gentry took a nap.  They both had such a great time.  G and I would go out there once she woke up and she would just try to get as close to the nasty water to see what she could get away with...that one is ALWAYS testing the limits. 

I was excited that I didn't have to work on Corbin's last field trip day.  They went to the park and Chick Fil A donated kids meals for all of the Pre K kids! He had a blast and I was glad I was able to take him.

Here is their first day of school last year compared to their last day.  Gentry looks soo much bigger!!

Can't believe I never posted about that day, but it came and I'm sitting here 
after I just put $2 under Corbin's pillow since he lost 2 teeth in one night (thanks to Doug).  How is he growing so fast?!!

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