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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

last day of preschool

Last spring, Doug was on a kick of taking Corbin fishing almost every Sunday afternoon while Gentry took a nap.  They both had such a great time.  G and I would go out there once she woke up and she would just try to get as close to the nasty water to see what she could get away with...that one is ALWAYS testing the limits. 

I was excited that I didn't have to work on Corbin's last field trip day.  They went to the park and Chick Fil A donated kids meals for all of the Pre K kids! He had a blast and I was glad I was able to take him.

Here is their first day of school last year compared to their last day.  Gentry looks soo much bigger!!

Can't believe I never posted about that day, but it came and I'm sitting here 
after I just put $2 under Corbin's pillow since he lost 2 teeth in one night (thanks to Doug).  How is he growing so fast?!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


So, my sweet friend told me that she checks my blog for lunch time entertainment at school.  I told her I would keep up with it just for her :)

These past 2 weeks have been crazy crazy!  We started last week with Gentry going to a gymnastic camp that she LOVED!  That girl loves routines, tumbling and dancing.  She then started school on Thursday.  I was so happy that I was able to take her on her first day, but she did not want me to leave.  I had to pull her off me.  She even has the same teacher as last year!


Tuesday of the next week, Corbin started school.  I don't feel stressed much, but I was stressing about his big day.  I had to be at work by 8:30 in San Marcos, we had to get Gentry to her school and I still had to make it a special morning for him.
This is a pic of the last night that he was 5...tear.

I woke up early and made him waffles. Corbin woke up super early for him at 6:30 and the first thing he told me was "Mommy, I prayed to God that you would be happy today."   Teared up a little there.  He is such a super sweet boy.  I had been praying all morning that he would have such an awesome day.

Doug told him to get into kindergarten that he had to know how to tie his own shoes...he learned one week before. Ha!

Obligatory first day pics.

Then, Doug and I dropped him off at the craziest, busiest school ever.  It took 20 minutes just to get into the school parking lot.  Can I just stop here and say I am so thankful that Doug can go with us to stuff.  He never would have been able to go awesome!  We took him to his class where he sat down and acted like he had been there all year already. I just knew he was going to be sad!

I headed to work for a bit and then left again so Doug and I could eat lunch with him.  I picked up lunch and we met Corbin in the cafeteria at 11:00 am (who eats that early?!) 

I then headed back to San Marcos again.  I got done with work at 3:20 headed home to let him open a few presents.  He had been waiting for that all day.


We went and ate dinner at BJs because he loves the s'mores pazookie as much as I do.  He truly takes after me in so many ways. 

I headed back to San Marcos (again) for a night classes that lasted until 9:20 and came home exhausted.  Corbin had such a wonderful day and I am so thankful for a great school that made him feel so special today. 















Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Well hello, poor, neglected blog. Thought I would get some things down that have been running through my head the last couple of months.  We had a major shift in our family happen back in February.  Ever since Corbin was born (2009), Doug has talked about quitting his job and building houses on his own. Ever since he started talking about this, I have said no way.  We have prayed and prayed and waited for His perfect timing.  After Gentry was born, the plan started to take shape.  We sold our house we had lived in for 8 years, moved to a rental for 6 months and built in Timbuktu.  We lived there a whopping 6 months and then moved to New Braunfels to an apartment and built again. After 6 months in the apartment, we moved to the new house.  We lived there for almost a year (wow!) and then moved into a rent house where we are currently living while we build again.  Gentry does not know what a permanent home looks like, but it is ok because she has a stable family!  After we sold the house in New Braunfels, Doug quit his job to pursue his own business which we named Gencor Construrction, LLC.  See what I did there?  Gentry + Corbin=Gencor....yeah, it seemed more obvious to me when I came up with it...oh well. I also went last year and got my real estate license so we could work as a team in selling the homes.   I will be forever grateful for how God has spoken to us over the past few years and has softened my heart towards this  idea.  I absolutely loved that I was able to spend the baby years at home (working minimal part time) with my babies.  I would not change that for the world!  Over the past year, I have slowly increased my work time until I was working about 50 hours a week once Doug quit.  He has been so amazing!  He starting taking the kids to school, picking them up, making dinner often, grocery shopping with me, picking up around the house.  It has been so nice, but such a shift!! I have had to let go of a lot of things and let him take over which has been strange. Gentry may have gone to school a few times without her hair being brushed and Corbin may have worn play clothes instead of school clothes.  Their teachers knew Dad was in charge, so I'm sure they understood ;) .   I absolutely love my job so that has been nice to pursue it, but I do miss playdates and story time at the library.  It's hard to make friends with other adults when you work a lot and can't get together with stay at home moms.  I still wouldn't change it.  To see Doug spend time with the kids and his stress level go waaay down has been one of the greatest blessings from this endeavor.  He has sold one house under his business and we are building house #2 now.  Don't get me wrong, it's not always peaches and roses (is that even a saying?)  Sometimes child care is difficult to figure out when I need to be at work and he has to meet contractors, but we muddle through it. He is home a lot so when a job cancels for me, we are both home.  That is a very strange feeling to be home, during the day, with no children to watch after.  Luckily, we both have a computer to use and I try not to feel guilty that I am using mine to watch Grey's Anatomy (hello headphones).  All in all, this has been such a wonderful transition.  There are definitely days when it would be easier if he had kept his 8-midnight job, but when I walk in the door and he is doing a puzzle with the kids or playing picnic with Gentry and her puppies, it makes it all so worth it.  So, all that to say, if you need a builder, let us know...Just kidding!! I thank God for what He has provided for us and pray that he will continue to show us the way in what He desires.  Oh, and this is Doug's new look. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Bluebonnets have been amazing so far this year and we are driving to Corpus this weekend where I know, along the way, they will be even more amazing.  I just had to take this kids pictures in them.  I have no idea how to edit quality of photos, so please excuse my amateurity (not a word).  I have not even an ounce of talent as my sister, but I am busy, she is busy, hence, no time to use her for her talent.  Here are the gems I caught. 
This one cracks me up....children of corn

We had to have silly first of course

 A kiss all on his own prompting.

"Hi Mom"

Wish I had enough sense to not cast a shadow..

She liked the pink ones best

We just got him his first pair of cowboy boots...he was pretty excited!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


It has been a long time since I have been on this site....Life has become very busy since I am now working over 40 hours a week.  I will update on the reason for that later.  Right now I want to write about sleep.  I miss my tiny babies, I really do, and sometimes I think it would be so sweet to have another squishy little munchkin....
 and then Gentry wakes me up during the night.  This girl seems to be completely dehydrated at night. Her room must turn into a desert because she almost always come in asking for a drink. Sometimes there is one right by her bed. I need to remember how she does this too because Doug and I were talking last night about how creepy she can be.  I sleep on the side of the bed furthest away from the door (I pick this side much to the chagrin of Doug since they would potentially come to him first).  Gentry walks all the way around the room to my side and stands, staring at me.  I start to feel an odd feeling in the middle of the night to then open my eyes and see Gentry standing there.  How long has she been staring at me?  Why does she do that?????  I ask her what she needs and she always says "I'm sirsty mommy"   Ugh! She is cute, but at 2 am, it is getting old.  I take her little hand, get her a drink and she heads back..."sank you mommy."  Not sure what I am going to do when I wean myself, I mean her, off the pull-ups at night.  Changing sheets at night is the worst! Oh and by the way, she sometimes will ask Doug (maybe once a month) to get her a drink, but normally it is me. 

I don't have pics downloaded, so these are old, but I do miss those sweet babies.  I do not miss the diaper bags that come with though!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

T ball

We signed Corbin up for T ball this fall thinking he would love it as much as Doug did when he was younger...ha!  That was not the case.  He liked going to practice because it was more like social hour with boys his age.  When we went to his first game, he cried the whole time and refused to play because he didn't know the kids on the other team, really?  He played the next and subsequent games like a champ and did enjoy them.  I would not say he is going to be in the all stars.  It was fun to get and watch though.
We kept Felicity and Thatcher one weekend, so Corbin had a big cheering section.
 This girl liked going to the games and yelling at Corbin to "Pay attention!"

 He never ran very fast, but at least he tried!